Manifesto 1

“Anyone who believes you can have infinite growth in a finite environment is either a madman or an economist.”

We are neither lunatics nor economists. We are people who believe in the continual improvement of standards of life, all around the globe.

We’re doing our bit to make this happen by turning linear, unsustainable growth into circular, equitable growth.

We look forward to a world in which clean air, water, and health, as well as wealth, is taken for granted. Again.

For everyone, now and into the far future, not just for a privileged few.

If this is to happen, we must build a new ecosystem, one in which the husk has as much value as the grain, symbiotic relationships between businesses and society benefit both, and stewardship and renewal of resources are a natural part of every enterprise.

Our range of biomaterials and digital systems are components of this ecosystem.

Far more crucially, we are building a platform for circularity. With our know-how in biomaterials and circular industrial processes, we are facilitating accelerated migration to the earth-friendly economy in partnership with businesses and society.

We offer a collaborative drawing board, a foundation that lets everyone work together to find solutions that work for businesses, communities, and every inhabitant of our planet.

Because, in the circular economy, no one prospers unless everyone does.

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